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Rhode The colony was first named "Roodt Eylandt" by Dutch trader Adriaen Block (1567–1627), who had explored that area for the Netherlands. It could be fitted into Alaska 425 times. Education theme: { Became a State: May 29, 1790. But some of those animals have made a comeback. 23. 7 Incredible, Almost Unbelievable Facts About Rhode Island. Despite the … But the colony was undermined by Loyalists in Newport who let the British take over. Did you know that there is an island called “Rhode Island” in the state of Rhode Island? Behind only St. Peter’s Basilica, the Minnesota state capital, and the Taj Mahal, the state also has the fourth-largest unsupported marble dome in the world. [20], 24. 740 x 555 png 256kB. Rhode Island is nicknamed the “Ocean state” because one can get to the ocean from anywhere in the state in less than an hour’s drive – the state is only 37 miles wide and 48 miles long. live: false, width: 120, behavior: 'all' The first European settlement in Rhode Island was founded by an English clergyman, Roger Williams, who left Massachusetts to find freedom of worship. Rhode Island. Rhode Island was the only colony that recognized the term, "Freedom of Religion." [25,26], 7. background: '#707a8f', This Historical Rhode Island Map Collection are from original copies. He believed that God’s Providence had led him safely there, and so the place was named. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Portsmouth, town (township), Newport county, southeastern Rhode Island, U.S. Portsmouth lies on the northern end of Rhode (Aquidneck) Island and along the Sakonnet River.It was founded in 1638 by William Coddington, John Clarke, Anne Hutchinson, and associates from the Massachusetts Bay colony and was first called Pocasset, an Algonquian word referring to the width of the river. But wait! The influence of Dutch toward the island was limited after the British inhabited the land. }).render().setUser('SocStudies4Kids').start(); Founded: 1636 by Roger However, people voted to keep the name intact. Rhode Island is also known as: The Ocean State. Religion Colony Named for: Dutch for "red island". 16. Rhode Island has the longest official name of any state, the “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” In 2009, a referendum proposed eradicating the latter half of the name. [15], 27. Rhode Island: a fresh start. It is said that “the cradle of American industry began at the place of rushing water”. Rhode Island (nicknamed: Little Rhody, Ocean State, Plantation State) has 5 counties. This inspired colonist Roger Williams to name the colony “Rhode Island.”[14], 6. Fun Rhode Island is the second most densely populated state in the U.S. Alaska has the lowest population density of all the states while New Jersey has the highest. The island is nation’s 46th biggest exporter. Rhode Island's official name is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. 28. The Rhode Island Charter of 1663 proclaimed that a \"flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained with full liberty in religious concernments.\" Rhode Island has maintained this viewpoint throughout its history, and has long been a model of religious pluralism. The first National Lawn Tennis Championship (the precursor to the U.S. Open) was held in Rhode Island in 1899. The East Bay Bike Path is the first multi-town bike path that was built in Rhode Island. Rhode Islanders had attacked the British warship HMS Gaspee in 1772 as one of the first acts of war leading to the American Revolution. Rhode Island: First in freedom. Somethings about the state are so shocking, they can even be a little hard to believe. } Rhode Island is the smallest US State in geographical area. Rhode Island was the first colony in America to declare independence on May 4, 1776, a full two months before the United States Declaration of Independence. What Did They Do For Fun In Rhode Island Colony | Kids Matttroy. locations, township outlines, and other features useful to the Rhode Island researcher. It was the first charter to offer this degree of freedom to an English colony and Rhode Island. Brown University founded in 1774, was the first American college to accept students regardless of their religious affiliation. island", More on Colonial Rhode Island [13], 11. [4], 2. It was the first to renounce its allegiance to the British Crown, on May 4, 1776 (2 months before the Declaration of Independence) and was the last of the colonies to ratify the United States Constitution on May 29, 1790. The state is also home to St. Mary’s, the church where President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier married in 1953. Rhode Island Colony was one of the original Thirteen Colonies in America. height: 200, It is located 3.8 miles from Block Island, Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm's effect on Rhode Island was so severe that earthquake instruments 3,000 miles away recorded it on seismographs. It has been estimated that prior to 1610 as many as 144,000 Indians lived in southern New England. Before it was absorbed under British Colony, it was the Colony of New Netherlands. This place has been serving the people of Rhode Island since 1673. Providence Plantations was founded in 1636 by the English clergyman Roger Williams. 3. The construction of the Bikeway was completed in four phases between 1987 and 1992. 1280 x 720 jpeg 220kB. Major Industry: Agriculture (livestock, dairy, fishing), Manufacturing (lumbering) Major Cities : Providence. First Baptist Church in America is the country’s oldest Baptist church congregation in Providence, Rhode Island. Facts about Rhode Island. Roger Williams the founder of the colony of Rhode Island left Massachusetts where he believed people did not have enough freedom for the expression of their religion. Rhode Island - Rhode Island - People: Native Americans lived in the Narragansett Bay area for thousands of years before English settlers began arriving in the 1620s and ’30s. Rhode Island was once known as the Jewelry Capital of the World.[1]. [9], 17. He sought a place where one could worship God freely. In der Narragansett Bay liegt die namensgebende Insel Rhode Island. Pelham Street in Newport was the first gas lit street in America. The original name for the colony was Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The Charter was a legal document that gave Rhode Islanders the right to follow the religion of their choice, and allowed them to govern themselves. new TWTR.Widget({ However, once the Bill of Rights was put into the Constitution, Rhode Island agre… However, when the region came under British rule, the name was anglicized. } America’s first circus was hosted in Newport. Rhode Island was the last of the original thirteen colonies to become a state. It was considered part of the New England colonies and was located on the northeastern coast of America, just below Massachusetts Bay Colony. [7], 14. Colonies 1511 nahm erstmals ein europäischer Entdecker die Küsten des späteren Rhode Islands zur Kenntnis. GA_googleFillSlot("socialstudiesforkids-DLB");