Children with Special Needs

GCI offers educational programs to address the special needs children.

This programs includes:

  1. Assessment of children with disabilities such as Autism, Global developmental delay, learning Disability, speech and language delay, behavior problems, ADHD, anxiety and genetic disorders.
  2. Setting up a developmental screening program of all high risk children from Birth to 6 yrs.
  3. Starting an early Intervention program.
  4. Train the trainer- teacher training program.
  5. Evaluation of special education classrooms.
  6. Hands-on skills development in ABA, speech therapy, OT and behavior management.
  7. Parenting skills on behavior management at home.

GCI has a team of certified therapists in ABA, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and a Developmental Pediatrician.

For Further information on these programs, please contact Program coordinator at